Yerba Buena High School

San Jose, CA

East Side Union High School District
Modernization and Master Plan – 2010

SSA worked closely with Yerba Buena High School administration and staff to plan and execute a 5-Phase modernization project.

Funded by local bond and state modernization resources, Yerba Buena High School’s five-phase modernization program sought to provide an innovative 21st Century educational environment to a dull, outdated 1960s campus. Conceptually, the key goal was to strategically modernize the buildings surrounding the campus’s central plaza, transforming it into a visual and social focal point. The creation of open spaces was a priority for promoting a casual and interactive environment among students and the community. Throughout the phases, strategic planning of all modernization activities meant minimal impact to educational and extracurricular programs.

Applying the principles of Universal Design, the physical space became adaptable and inclusive for specific needs and promotes a higher standard of learning. The creative application of spatial design, color and texture means that the classroom aesthetic reflects the District’s objective of “Achieving Success through Continuous Improvement”. The surroundings are attractive and distinctive, yet thematically work as a whole.

The phases which involved three campus buildings produced a renovated Science Building with twelve fully outfitted science labs / classrooms and a new computer center, and brought modernized classroom buildings with contemporary classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, an art room, faculty spaces, and a new attendance office. In addition, all support systems, including: structural, seismic, mechanical, electrical and technology were upgraded.


Access Consulting

Architectural Design and Planning