Employment Development Department (EDD)

SSA surveyed 126 owned and leased EDD facilities in California for physical accessibility compliance.  Examples of physical accessibility features that were reviewed included: interior and exterior paths of travel, parking, entrances and exits, ramps and access lifts, stairs, elevators, restrooms, signs and identifications. The information allows the EDD to effectively plan, budget for and execute corrective actions to enable full physical access to their premises. The resulting Transition Plan proposed solutions that EDD will use to resolve barriers to comply with physical accessibility laws. SSA worked closely with EDD’s Transition Plan Team to develop meaningful time schedules for barrier removal projects based on public comments, the available annual budget, and the prioritization of facilities and individual barriers.

A website was developed to inform the public about EDD’s efforts to provide accessible facilities throughout California and to gather public input regarding the Transition Plan. Accessibility Survey Reports and Transition Plans were produced using SSA’s Accessibility Planning Survey Tool and Database.


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