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2016 New Year Greetings from Sally Swanson

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have made the leap into 2016 and the New Year is underway!

This year I declare a resolution revolution, meaning that no resolution is needed to reach one’s goal. Whatever one hopes to land, no resolution is required. It’s quite simple really. And, I’m reminded of words that used to be bandied about during the 80s when Werner Erhard and his EST seminars were at its [some say] stellar height. Visualization, for one; self-actualization, for another. I could not get enough of those inspirational and motivational seminars, and attended multiple times. For me, Erhard’s message rang loud and clear. For me, it was always about choosing one’s profession (or passion) and creating the situation in which one could successfully pursue and live, fully and joyfully, the life one chose.

If you’ve been following my blog “It’s an Accessible Life: My 24-hour Journey” on The Huffington Post website then you are already familiar with my ever-evolving path that began with founding my own architecture / ADA access compliance firm 36 years ago in San Francisco as a single mom. Talk about brave new world, I always believed steadfastly in following one’s dream(s) and to never be shaken off course. Of course, bumps are an absolute reality but in the end what’s desired is attained. And, the great part is that one’s dream is not confined to, or defined by a single year.

Most know that it’s all about taking responsibility for owning one’s destiny; transforming one’s life. No excuses. No end date. No need for resolutions. And, that’s something I can say yes to!

What prize is your eye on?