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Profile in Accessibility
By Sally Swanson

There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe Skye Parker. His ebullient spirit is captivating and contagious. A true creative. A brilliant mind. A genius. Ask anyone.

Most recently, Skye has been a member of my staff. His future holds basically whatever he envisions. Simply a remarkable young man.

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2016 New Year Greetings from Sally Swanson

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have made the leap into 2016 and the New Year is underway!

This year I declare a resolution revolution, meaning that no resolution is needed to reach one’s goal. Whatever one hopes to land, no resolution is required. It’s quite simple really. And, I’m reminded of words that used to be bandied about during the 80s when Werner Erhard and his EST seminars were at its [some say] stellar height.

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SSA | 36 Years

Founded in 1980, SSA has two practice specialties of comparable size — ADA Access Compliance, and Civic and Educational Design. Our 15-person, award-winning architecture and planning firm is known for work that meets clients’ goals with precision and creativity while exhibiting a heightened attention to the needs of people with disabilities. SSA offers complete architectural services from concept development through construction administration and enjoys recognition as one of the foremost providers of access compliance services. Additionally, SSA has consistently led the industry in applying the concepts of Universal Design to real architectural solutions.

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